Leather Thigh Bag - large

Product image 1Leather Thigh Bag - large
Product image 2Leather Thigh Bag - large
Product image 3Leather Thigh Bag - large
Product image 4Leather Thigh Bag - large

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This genuine leather bag features multiple pockets and includes a Concealed Gun & Ammo Pocket. 

The bag measures approximately 11" tall and is 7" wide at the narrowest point. The top and bottom flare to about 10". 

The largest pocket is about 8" high and 6" wide with 2 smaller pockets attached to it.  The lower outer pocket is 5" high and 6" wide, the upper outer pocket is 3" high and 6" wide and should fit most cell phones or MP3 players. The pocket features a pass-through to accommodate a headphone cord.  

The front flap also has a zipped pocket and features the Full Throtttle rocker logo embroidered in white and black and a brown leather strap with a snap to hold the flap down.

Behind the largest front pocket is a zipped Concealed Gun pocket and the back has a 7" by 7" mesh pocket.

The 1.5" mesh strap allows you to carry the bag as a purse/carry all while the clips let you attach it to your belt loops while the lower strap holds the bag to your thigh.  

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