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Posted on June 28 2016

Spread the word and enjoy a taste of last years season. each wed and new episode concluding with the fire that burned down the FULL THROTTLE. The new FTS grand opening is coming up first of Aug check out for details.
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  • Mary Duke: July 04, 2016

    I my self have been thru a house fire years ago. Living on and island of Ft MyersBeach in florida all houses are up on stilts. Our house was on fire both car fully I gulfed in flames, my father got 2 & 3 degrees burns trying to put fire out. I stayed I in house calling 911, and then inpluging the fire alarms. But only sorrow felt thought is I didn’t grab our dog the flames were comi g thru the roof in my parents room as I ran from the house try in to get my dad away from the cars that we I gulfed in flames. He got burned on his arms from just the heat alone.
    I must say I truly k ow how the Full Throthal familt felt. That was back in 1976 and to this day I still have nightmares of waking up and hearing what I thought was some outside our house, but I was so wrong what I was hearing was the fire as it came up the house. When I saw what u saw after the fire and pictures of the fire my family wanted so bad to help u all. But the fixed income the government gives us we live below the poverty level. All I could do was pray and I’ve done do every day.
    May God Bless U all, and maybe I don’t know how, I’ll be able to being my family to yours. We just two weeks ago flu d out that we are to be grandparents in January.
    Your daughter is beautiful and I’m very happy for u both. I’m scared about this whole grandparent thing as they will live with is and we r their support system.. Wish us luck faith and streath our journey as I will y’all.

  • Woodrat: July 02, 2016

    We will be there!! 1 August. We have stayed there before when it was Broken Spoke, I expect even more fun and shenanigans now!! Thank you for the package in return for the plaque purchase. It was a welcome surprise!! Rock on!!

  • Charles and Nancy Jamerson : July 01, 2016

    We would like to thank you for the gift package you sent us ,for getting a piece of the new FTS. Those gifts will be added to our collection of FTS memorabilia ,wishing your family the best in this year’s rally,god bless you all.

  • Shannon Lassiter: June 30, 2016

    2016 will be our first time to Sturgis! My wife and I are big fans of the Full Throttle Saloon episodes and very happy it will soon rise again! We got the 3 day camping pass and will rolling in to the campgrounds in an old 4 wheel Chevy. Sure wish I had a bike to ride, but $$ haven’t allowed this 54 yr old man to get one yet! Maybe one day! At least we’ll be among the partygoers and get the experience I’ve always dreamed of! Can’t wait to set up our tent, enjoy some drinks, good music and meet some friends at the Throttle! Great job Michael getting it all back together!

  • John Buffa: June 30, 2016

    Man I was devastated when I heard of the fire, and was relieved hearing Michael Ballard and Jessie Dupree utter the words “Rebuild It” Because you have to realize they are the only guys that can give the FTS that soul that it had! Can’t wait to see the “PARTY” So Rock On Boyz!

  • MICHELLE MURRAY: June 30, 2016

    I have always enjoyed watching the show. It was truly sad to see the old throttle burn down, but they say things happen for a reason. Now bigger, better and you can create new memories, with new beginnings, new family and new friends GOOD LUCK

  • Been therr dunn that: June 30, 2016

    Its all about the money! Js everything is crazy priced!

  • Linda Pinkerton: June 29, 2016

    I missed the last two years of the show. What Chanel is it on so I can pull up on demand.

  • Barbara McDougle: June 28, 2016

    What channel will ya’ll new show be on. Last I heard it was a channel that none of my family are friends get. Why would ya’ll put it on a channel that we would have to up grade to a bigger package that we can’t afford. we have watched your show from day one. I seen alot post they couldn’t get that channel. Thanks. Barbara

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