Nicole Marie Clawson - WKMG Local 6 Florida - Video

Over 20 victims in the past 10 years, a five month long manhunt, and finally, Nicole Marie Clawson has been arrested on counts of Organized Fraud. 

For the past five months, Security Directors from the Full Throttle Saloon have been working closely with Law Enforcement and victims in multiple states to identify, locate and bring to justice Nicole Marie Clawson.

Tonight the search is over.  For the past 5 months, Christopher Donahue, one of Full Throttle Saloon's top security directors as well as Detective Darren Norris, of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department, have been pursuing Nicole Marie Clawson for a variety of fraudulent activities including theft and forgery. “Tonight we are pleased to announce that Nicole is in custody in Lake County, Florida on an outstanding warrant from in adjacent Sumter County,” notes Christopher Donahue of Liquid Communications.

Detective Darren Norris of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division has been working day and night to track down Clawson and says Clawson continued to provide false information even during the arrest.  “I’m glad to have her off the street.”  The last person that she attempted was an individual who she met at a cancer center shortly before tonight’s arrest.  “This individual really does have cancer, it’s sick that Clawson can prey on those who are fighting for their life. My heart goes out to all the victims,” adds Norris.

If you have been a victim, please contact Detective Darren Norris at the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.  352-569-1600.

See the News Footage of Nicole Marie Clawson’s Booking at the Lake County Jail, in Lake County, Florida as reported by WKMG Local 6, Orlando.