Franchise Opportunities - Full Throttle Saloon

Owner Michael Ballard bought 30 acres in 1999 and started to build what is now known as the worlds largest biker bar the Full Throttle Saloon. With the new TV show on TruTV The Full Throttle Saloon is now a household name. The Full Throttle Saloon reality series is programed into 93 million homes nationwide and is a huge hit. With a brand this large we felt it was a "no brainer" to start a nationwide franchise. With the aesthetics of the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis and a combination of great food, entertainment and motorcycles, now is the time for you to own your very own Full Throttle Saloon.

Becoming a franchise owner is a huge opportunity that can lead to strong returns on your investment. Now is the time to get involved!

Qualified franchisee must:

  • Have restaurant or hospitality experience, franchise experience OR engage FTS management company to help manage the restaurant.
  • Have a net worth of 5 million as an individual or business entity with liquid assets of 1 million.
  • Commit to develop 1 to 3 restaurants

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