Hollywood Knockouts Full Throttle Saloon
The World Famous Hollywood Knockouts Oil Wrestling and Hot Cream Wrestling Review.
The #1 Female Review in America.

Okay, so it sounds a little strange, but Midget Wrestling is actually really cool.  Watch these "small people" beat the holy sh*( out of each other during the Full Throttle Saloon's Midget Wrestling events.

So become a Micro Maniac, grab a drink, and watch some of the best entertainment during the Sturgis Rally.

The MWF superstars will kick each other's a**es on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during the 2015 Sturgis Rally. 



The Wall of Death is the original extreme, the grand daddy of all motorcycle stunt shows. 

Dating back to the early 1900's, before the double back flip, before the X-games, before Evil Knievel, and even before the globe of death, men and women have raced, ride, slipped, slide, dip, dived and wall ridden on the straight up and down vertical board walls with motorcycles and cars. Therefore, making it the most dangerous sport in the world even for riders and spectators, which caused outlawing the sport of old board track racing.  Men and Women have not worn helmets or pads while performing this sport.  

Catch the Ives Brothers Wall of Death at the Full Throttle Saloon during the Sturgis Rally.


Smoke a Phatty- Our Favorite Burnout Bitch. There's no other place Tiffany would rather be. She's our Full Throttle Tar Baby, and she loves to get down and dirty, all rally long.  Find out why there's no better place to smoke em up than at the Full Throttle Saloon's Burnout Pit.
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